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Aurora White/Blue 8-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT210 Pack of 1 Dual powered desktop calculator with large 8 digit fixed angle display and spacious keypad. Features include: 4 key memory, constants: addition, division, multiplication and subtraction, percentage and square root keys and +/- change sign key.
Inc Vat £8.99
Casio Pocket Calculator 8-Digit SL-300SV Pack of 1 Casio SL-300V pocket calculator with large 8 digit display, non stick plastic keys, 3 key memory, profit margin %, sign change, square root, auto power off, 4 constants, 4 key memory and 3 digit comma marker.
Inc Vat £8.82
Casio Pocket Calculator 12-Digit SL-320TER+ Pack of 1 Casio SL-320TER pocket calculator. Dual powered 12 digit calculator with currency conversion, tax calculations, profit margin %, Euro conversion,, sign change, function command signs, 4 constants, 3 key memory and auto power off.
Inc Vat £13.26
Casio Scientific Calculator FX-85GTX Pack of 1 Casio FX85ES scientific calculator with 249 functions and natural textbook display. Features list based statistical data entry, multi replay, 164 scientific functions, 7 memories, 24 parentheses and79 byte formula memory. for key stages 3, 4 and above.
Inc Vat £30.84
Casio Scientific Calculator FX-83GTXBLACK Pack of 1 Casio FX83ES+ scientific calculator. Features 12 digit display, 252 functions, up to 79 bytes formula memory, multi line playback, regression analysis, statistics and 164 scientific functions.
Inc Vat £27.20
Casio 12-Digit Display Desktop Calculator JF-120ECO Pack of 1 Casio JF-120ECO 12 digit dual powered calculator. Features percentage and tax calculation, key roll-over, currency conversions, independent memory, 3 digit comma markers, rapid correction key, plus/minus sign change and rounding selector.
Inc Vat £29.46
Casio Desktop Calculator DJ-120D PLUS Pack of 1 Casio DJ-120TG desktop calculator with 12 digits. Features dual power. Tax calculations. Key rollover. calculation check, profit margins and grand total key.
Inc Vat £47.15
Q-Connect Pocket Calculator 8-Digit KF01602 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Compact 8 digit Dual Powered Calculator with an extra large display. Supplied complete with wallet. Dimensions - 99x58x6mm
Inc Vat £19.50
Q-Connect Silver Large 12-Digit Pocket Calculator KF01603 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Large Pocket 12 Digit Dual Powered Calculator with large easy to read display and rubber keys for ease of use. Dimensions - 116x69x6mm.
Inc Vat £45.64
Q-Connect Semi-Desktop Calculator 12-Digit KF01605 Pack of 1 Q Connect Dual Powered 10 Digit Calculator with extra large easy to read adjustable display, 4 memory keys, battery back-up and auto power off. Dimensions - 138x103x31mm.
Inc Vat £34.67
Tallon Midi Desktop Calculator (Pack of 6) 6062 Pack of 1 Tallon Midi Desktop Calculator 6062
Inc Vat £35.75
Tallon Black/Silver 8-Digit Pocket Calculator (Pack of 12) 6178 Pack of 1 Tallon Pocket Calculator 6178
Inc Vat £37.56
Aurora Small Desk Calculator DT910P Pack of 1 Aurora DT910P Desktop Calculator. Dual power 12 digit calculator with tax function, auto shut off and cost, sell and margin functions.
Inc Vat £13.44
Aurora Desk Calculator DT920P Pack of 1 Aurora DT920P Desktop Calculator. 12 digit calculator with cost, sell and margin functions, tax feature, adjustable display, 4 key memory and dual power.
Inc Vat £15.97
Casio Scientific Calculator FX-83GTXBLUE Pack of 1 Casio FX-85GTPLUS Scientific Calculator. Features recurring 9 memories, decimal, verify, random integers, new calculation priority sequence, factorisation into prime factors, statistical data entry, multi replay and table of a function. Colour: Blue.
Inc Vat £27.20
Inc Vat £60.00
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